London Vocal Studios lessons

We all want to scream at the top of our lungs at what’s happening around us - but we also don’t want our neighbours to phone the police. So, the healthy alternative? Vocalise. Express. Learn to use your voice and empower yourself.

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18 February 2021 | around_town

Council sets out 2021 Climate Emergency Action Plan

Tackling food waste, switching to greener energy, and a tree planting strategy to increase the borough’s canopy are some of the key priorities set out in Richmond Council’s first Climate Emergency Strategy update.

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18 February 2021 | news

Kew Road cycle lane extension

Work is about to begin to extend the borough’s first protected cycle lane in Kew - all the way to Richmond Circus.

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17 February 2021 | news

Council set to restrict Council Tax increase

Richmond Council will be putting household budgets first as it announces its lowest Council Tax increase for five years and freezes fees and charges.

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17 February 2021 | news

Ambitious new housing and homeless strategy agreed

An ambitious new strategy for helping rough sleepers stay off the streets, building new affordable homes in the borough and helping to support the growing number of people at risk of becoming homeless, has been agreed by Richmond Council.

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17 February 2021 | news

Join the Health & Vitality Choir

Get fit and health whilst learning simple techniques to help you feel refreshed, revitalised and renewed.

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17 February 2021 | around_town

Richmond Council joins Solar Together scheme

Richmond Council has announced that it will be joining the London-wide Solar Together scheme. The scheme gives residents the opportunity to buy high quality solar panels at a discounted rate through a group buying scheme, helping to reduce their carbon footprint while making savings on household bills.

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15 February 2021 | news


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