From Pantaloon and Pierrot to Pantomime

George Lillo

Of all the days in the year the most profitable as far as theatres were once concerned was St Stephen’s Day a.k.a Boxing Day because it was on this day that the Christmas season started and the big money started to roll in.

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1 December 2016 | around_town

Change of Address -

Announcing the change of this site’s domain name from to

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27 November 2016 | editorial

Stir Up Sunday, Advent and Calendars

stir up sunday

Even if you are not celebrating Christmas or only doing it for the kids there is no escaping from the festival. We are now in the middle of two significant Sundays which mark the beginning of Christmas.

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26 November 2016 | around_town

Protected View of St Paul's Destroyed

St Paul's view

Historic protected view of St Paul’s cathedral from Richmond Park destroyed by new Stratford skyscraper and the Friends of Richmond Park calls for temporary halt in construction and urgent GLA review.

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26 November 2016 | news

Drive Your Teens Around? Be on TV

Local parents who constantly ferry their teens round in the car wanted for new channel 4 programme.

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26 November 2016 | around_town

Grounded Yoga Classes - January 2017

If you’re looking to buy a slightly different Christmas present this year, Grounded Yoga are offering a 6 week beginners introductory course into yoga starting on Sunday, 8 January 2017.

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26 November 2016 | around_town

The Coming of the Evergreens


With shops and supermarkets already brimming over with Christmas merchandise I think that we can safely assume that the Christmas season has started. The John Lewis yuletide TV Ad probably confirm it. But before you rush off to deck your halls with boughs of holly, tra la la la la etc etc… you might consider what folk-lore has to say on the matter.

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17 November 2016 | around_town

Planning: Another Round at Twickenham Riverside

twick riverside plans

Richmond Council has started round three of the consultation on its plans to update the Twickenham Riverside. The first two rounds have not been very successful to say the least. This time there are three proposals to look at, all from the same architect. There is a pop-up on Church Street to see the plans and comment. You can also look online, but turning up is the better way to see and have your views heard.

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17 November 2016 | news

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