Little Egypt

There is a great deal of distance between Chicago, Illinois and London Road, Twickenham - 3949.71 miles to be precise, given a yard or two - but there is definitely a connection between the two involving a long-gone exotic belly dancer at one end and a 1960’s Twickenham R&B band at the other.

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16 April 2021 | around_town

A welcome return for Landmark Arts Centre

The blossoms are out and the clocks have gone forward so we know that summer is on its way. This summer will be like no other with everybody looking forward to doing things we all took for granted 12 months ago and which now seem like moments to be cherished.

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15 April 2021 | around_town

Old Isleworth Market is back

Join us for fresh local produce, arts, crafts, homeware and beauty products. Enjoy live music. Grab a bite for breakfast, choose a sweet treat, pick up lunch, find a gift for a loved one or treat yourself!

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14 April 2021 | around_town

Room for Work online course

Room for Work is an employability course designed for skilled workers at all levels, including managers and professionals.

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14 April 2021 | around_town

The Grand Howl

On those rare occasions when mention of ‘Cub Scouts’, or ‘Wolf Cubs’ as they used to be known, comes up in conversation, I can guarantee that someone will always say “Dyb! Dyb! Dyb! Dob! Dob! Dob” although they don’t know what it means or that this strange chant has not been used in Cub ceremonies since 1966!

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10 April 2021 | around_town

Take part in some of Kew Garden's Wellbeing sessions

Kew Gardens have curated a summer package of wellbeing events for everyone to enjoy.

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10 April 2021 | around_town

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