Site changes

Just to share what we are doing on the site we are sharing a change log of all the ‘major’ changes to the site. Initially we will put in only a few key dates as there were many minor changes. Going forward, I will add more minor details.

Date Description
3 January 2020 Added instapage for quick prefetching.
4 October 2019 Updated the pages based on workshop recommendations to improve site speed
10 August 2019 Started using Cloudinary for index page images
22 May 2018 Added data privacy page for GDPR
5 April 2018 Added open graph,, and twitter tags to make things look nicer on social media
25 March 2018 Updated the css to Vanilla framework
27 December 2017 Migrated to markdown for posts, fixed lots of missing images
1 April 2017 Added recaptcha to catch comment spam
19 January 2017 Changed to sentence case titles
30 November 2016 Moved to https
27 November 2016 Moved domain from to
30 January 2016 Added previous and next article links back
17 January 2016 Added social links to articles and events
9 January 2016 Updated the train listings to be a bit easier to read
9 January 2016 Removed the box and went full width
7 January 2016 Updated from Skeleton 1 to “Skeleton 2”:
27 December 2015 Migrated the site to Jeykll with a new comment system
3 February 2015 refactored the events and directory for speed improvements
18 September 2014 Moved to sendgrid for email newsletter
28 June 2014 Overhall of weather with new icons and moved to
14 June 2014 Made the site responsive with Skeleton
31 July 2013 Updated the directory to use the latest Twitter api
30 August 2011 Made the main events page far smaller with truncation and adding a ‘more information’ button
14 August 2011 wrote to tweet upcoming events
29 July 2011 Added a twitter handle and widget to the directory pages
28 July 2011 Made the Local information categories smaller by removing details and adding a ‘more information’ button
5 July 2011 Removed all the ‘onclick’ images to more accessible embedded ones
14 April 2011 Added ‘Recent Forum Posts’ to the homepage
16 November 2010 Wrote a traffic parser using TFL, not sure if I will make it more public
6 November 2010 Got train parser working again with
20 October 2010 re-wrote scrapers for Richmond Theatre, Twickfolk
13 October 2010 re-launched
2 October 2010 Expanded directory to share listings with mystmargarets, and add ‘I love St Margarets’ to listings if in Traders’ Association
11 May 2007 Moved directory and events to database from a flat-file.
19 March 2006 Moved polls, events and directory to mod_rewrite URLS that are cleaner and more logical. Also added embeded google maps to single directory listing pages… however, I have to fetch a google map to get the lat/long first, so might prove to be too slow.
17 March 2006 Added mod_rewrite to make events urls look nicer
14 March 2006 Changed the homepage to show 2 full stories and 12 except versions of stories to allow 6 more stories on the homepage.
2 February 2006 Added a larger footer to un-clutter the homepage more and add important links to the rest of the sites pages. Also created a main archive page
5 December 2005 Added javascript to show/hide list of hot items… the list had grown too long. Hopefully it “degrades” nicely as its based on Jeremy Keith’s DOMScripting ideas.
1 December 2005 Added three month Tesco Bay Observation pages. Its the first use of MySQL and PHP on the site. Seems to work fine… I might need to convert the Events and Directory to this…
17 November 2005 Created new action in poll.cgi to allow for direct 150x150 viewing of the current poll results, created an include version of gd_pie to do this
16 November 2005 Added flag to allow inactive polls to appear in polls list, just without the option to vote
21 October 2005 Converted homepage to shtml so no more publishing events each morning, it updates itself… since I was doing that, I moved to a new weather widget that I wrote using METAR data, moved to background image for bullet chevron, so IE users can see it too and (finally) added the ‘Hot Items’ section to keep important topics on the homepage
11 October 2005 Converted homepage events lists to new hCalendar format just in case this becomes popular… or even useful.
27 September 2005 Added a print style sheet that makes links visible and gets rid of unnecessary information (e.g. navigation, footer, etc…)
21 September 2005 Lowered the limit again on polls to 2 per IP and added javascript warning to that affect.
18 September 2005 Made the site 80 pixels wider to give more breathing room
15 September 2005 Fixed the Train Parser to work with new format of data
15 September 2005 Added a check to make sure people cannot abuse the polls as easily
4 July 2005 Added images to the event application. Also, retaining expired events in case anyone bookmarks them.
29 June 2005 To the event application, added ‘kids’ as a flag for events, so it can be any type AND kids. Also added ‘host’ entity so that groups can host an event at another venue and it will show up for both directory listings
22 June 2005 Added ‘global’ footer to Train Times and back to Newsletter applications
15 June 2005 Moved Local Websites to right column and added Upcoming Plays section
15 June 2005 Added all known Richmond Theatre and Orange Heather Plays
4 June 2005 Linked Events into Local Info/Directory application so you can see events if you are looking at a single Venue
24 May 2005 Published First Newsletter
17 May 2005 Local Info/Directory application initially completed
12 May 2005 Events application initially completed
10 May 2005 Poll application initially completed
8 May 2005 Added footer to the site
5 May 2005 Newsletter sign up application initially completed
22 April 2005 Beta Launch
27 March 2005 Alpha Launch
25 March 2005 Purchased the domain
22 March 2005 Train time application initially completed
21 March 2005 Initial Site Set-up with Movable Type and YABB forums