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The H37 Bus Is Driving Me Absolutely Insane!!!

Is anyone else finding this at the moment or am I out on a limb here?

I moved to St Marg's about 6 months ago and so began my daily commute into town from then on. Every day I'm forced to try and board the H37 bus from Richmond Road, Isleworth to St Marg's Station which I find virtually impossible and highly frustrating. The timetable states that the bus should arrive every 6-10 minutes... hardly! I think every 15 minutes would be more accurate and more often than not every time the bus actually arrives it's already beyond full and just drives right on past the stop leaving myself and my fellow commuters extremely agitated and pushed to the point of meltdown! Last week on 3 occasions I watched 4 to 5 buses drive past whilst waiting in the freezing cold for 45 minutes, this not only made me very late for work despite leaving myself a huge amount of time to make it into the office; but made me late for an important job interview. This has been happening very frequiently and I'm fed up with it and I'm very sure I'm not the only person who is extremely sick of this; is anyone else out there on their last ebbs off annoyance? Also does anyone happen to know the company that operates this route so that I can put in a complaint with the company?



Elisha 2007-12-27 17:20 reply

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