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Evenings/Weekends Babysitter

Hi any parents!

I am a very experienced babysitter/carer. I started babysitting aged 14, with children ranging from 3 months to 18 years old. I also worked as a carer for disabled children and teenagers (with conditions such as epilepsy, autism and down-syndrome) over a two year period for LinkAble. I have a DBS certificate, have been first aid trained and am available for evenings after 6:30pm and some weekends (varying week on week) as I work in Primrose Hill mon-fri in marketing.

I am semi-fluent in french, play the piano, have 7A*'s at GCSE and ABB at A-Level, with a diploma in Speech & Drama too. I'm great fun (if I may say so myself), a prolific cook and baker, but understand the responsibility that comes with looking after someone's children.

Please reply to this and I will give my contact details.

If you want to meet, that is no problem either just message me.

Thanks! Please tell other parents too!

Charlotte Le 2018-09-07 21:43 reply

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