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Mugging on Saturday 9th July

I'm really sorry to say that my husband was mugged at the cashpoint next to Tesco Express on Saturday night. Whilst I believe it wasn't planned, rather an opportunistic occurrence, I thought I'd try and get a word of warning out to as many of people as possible.

There were two of them and the attack was quite violent, they knocked my husband unconcious! It happened very quickly and they ran off immediately, down Broadway Ave.

Please can everyone be extra vigilant, I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else.

Also, if anyone finds a black wallet (they stole £20 in cash and haven't tried to use any of the cards or the Oyster that was in it) could they let me know please?

Stay safe.

Jackie 2011-07-14 14:42 reply

Re: Mugging on Saturday 9th July

What about the CCTV footage from the pole mounted camera near The Station. This is The "Community Safety" Camera that is used virtually exclusively for issuing parking penalties to motorists. These motorists are caught out by the misleading sign plate in the loading bay outside Tesco Express.

I hope they catch the person/s responsible.

Norman Foster 2011-08-06 17:05 reply

Re: Mugging on Saturday 9th July


This is horrible news. I hope your husband is ok now.

What have the police said? What did the people look like?

Peter 2011-07-15 22:51 reply

Re: Mugging on Saturday 9th July

Thanks Peter, yes it was very unpleasant and shocking. The last we heard from the Police, they were trying to access the CCTV footage from Tesco. Not sure if they've seen it yet, but I'm not holding out much hope that they'll be able to ID them.

Thanks for your concern, I just hope it was a one-off event.


Jackie 2011-07-21 16:12 reply

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