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Noah and his ark?

04/01/2011 - Did you know that much of St. Margarets sits in DEFRA defined areas at medium probability and high probability of flooding? No? Neither did !

I've been trying to sort out insurance for at least two weeks - most companies would not even give me a quote - but it wasn't until today that I finally tackled a company who had insured my property in the past, were reluctant to quote and then wound up offering me cover at five times the annual amount previously paid. When I pushed for an explanation I received the following.

Dear Ms Rooke,

Your case has been passed to our senior underwriters to review the points that you have put to us.

The senior underwriters advise that your postcode area is now declined due to the risk of flooding in the surrounding area. Whilst we have made an exception in offering a quote for insurance in your case, regrettably we are unable to reduce the quoted premium, as this premium reflects the currently perceived risk of loss....

Do have a look at the map referenced below to see whether this could be a problem for you.


and at w to see more on this issue.

Gail Rooke

Souwester 2011-01-04 19:53 reply

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