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Let's do the show right here!

If you were in Crown Road on a recent Sunday, you might have wondered why a couple were dancing the tango down the pavement. Well, they were putting together two minutes of film for the 'I Love St Margarets' competition. They didn't win: but their efforts do now appear on the 'My St Margarets' website. Check it out. (You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Tom and Tammy have been trying to get a tango group running in St Margarets for over a year but although there are plenty of women wanting to dance, there's not enough men to make a group viable. They hope that the video will show that tango is fun for everyone. Meanwhile, until there are enough men to run group classes, Tom is still teaching privately to people who want to get started in the dance.

If you want to know more about tango, feel free to contact Tom here or on

Tom 2010-03-02 13:49 reply

Re: Let's do the show right here!

OK, the link is far from clear. You have to go through loads of sub-menus to find it on the My St Margarets site, so it's probably easier just to go direct to YouTube. Either type 'St Margarets Mon Amour' into YouTube's search box or go direct to


Tom 2010-03-06 12:25 reply

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