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Over zealous parking enforcement - beware

My neighbour recently got a parking ticket because his in-date resident's CPZ permit had fallen onto the dashboard and slipped down between the dash and the windscreen. This counted as "not clearly displayed".

My builder got a parking ticket because his valid residents visitor's permit "was not clearly displayed". In his case the wind had blown it onto the very front of the dash when he opened the car door and the relevant time period on the bottom was obscured by the smoked glass surround on the windscreen if viewed from the pavement.

The only way their permits could be said to not be visible was if they had been glanced at from the pavement and even then the fact they were in date was clear.

The builder said this is the second time this has happened to him which is why he had been careful to display it in full view on the dash. On the previous occasion he appealed and was sent a fuzzy black and white photo in which it is clear that the in date permit had slipped to the front of the dash so that the bottom edge was below the smoked glass windscreen surround.

We know that Richmond parking attendents have targets to meet and it seems this is being achieved by finding a valid parking permit which has slipped forward on the dash, viewing it at an angle at which the bottom end cannot be seen and then issuing a ticket on the grounds it is not clearly displayed. You have been warned.

hazel jackson 2009-10-09 13:49 reply

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