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Clarinet Tuition

Friendly, patient and attentive Twickenham-based clarinet teacher has vacancies for students of all levels. Contact 0208 891 3162/07793 765 492 for details. Opportunities for group playing.

Claire Summerbell B.A.(Hons) DipABRSM

clairesummerbell 2007-05-19 08:48 reply

Looking for a flat in St. Margarets or Twickenham

My husband is moving back from California after a 3 month hiatus. We originally wanted to have him move here (I am American) but things are moving in the direction of us moving back, and for that we are happy.

If you know of, or have a nice, small place for a newlywed couple (and no plans for children) please respond. He has his previous job lined up to resume and I plan on being able to have my work visa (hopefully) by the end of June to move my belongings.

Thank you.


Elle 2007-05-17 23:29 reply

Re: Looking for a flat in St. Margarets or Twickenham

are you looking to rent or buy?

Peter 2007-05-18 09:22 reply

Re: Looking for a flat in St. Margarets or Twickenham

Looking to Rent. Husband is in St. Margarets now, so email me for his mobile #.

Elle Sandes 2007-05-23 14:36 reply

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