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Teenagers Available for Work!!

I have two very reliable and hard working teenagers aged 14 and 15 who are looking for work - anything considered!

Please email me at


JohnR 2009-05-17 21:26 reply

Re: Teenagers Available for Work!!

Oo, I'm 16 and am also looking for a summer job this holiday :) If you find anything let me know.

Katrina 2009-07-05 12:45 reply

Raising Money - A few things for sale


I have a couple of things for sale if anyone's interested - I'm 16 and just trying to raise some money- this is what I have on offer at the moment:

-The Sims 1 - House Party & The Sims Original (£8)

-The Sims Unleashed Expansion Pack - (£4)

-" " - Livin It Up - (£4)

-" " - On Holiday - (£5)

Also my Grandma accidentally bought Quantum of Solace, the DVD, instead of Casino Royale and we can't return it because the packaging is off, so if anyone would like it, it's £7.

Let me know :)

Katrina 2009-07-05 12:42 reply

Would you be interested in group lessons in tango?

If you scroll down this page to 'Argentine tango lessons offered' you'll see I'm trying to find out if there'd be interest in group lessons in Argentine tango one evening a week. I'm posting it separately here because most people will miss it below but there are details there, including comments from someone who has had lessons with me. If you are at all interested in dancing, do scroll down and have a look and let me know here or at if you think you would come to a group class.

Tom 2009-04-16 13:47 reply

Re: Would you be interested in group lessons in tango?

We're still short of critical mass but we live in hope.

In an attempt to generate more interest, Tammy and I will be dancing at the St Margarets Family Fun Day (w) on Sunday (14th). We're only on for 3 minutes around lunchtime so don't blink or you'll miss us.

If you're interested in tango, do say, 'Hello.'

Tom 2009-06-12 16:33 reply

Re: Would you be interested in group lessons in tango?

So we danced a tango (just the one) at the St Margarets Family Fun Day. We had been asked to turn up but the event was rather geared to children so I don't know if they particularly appreciated the tango. We were interested in watching the street dance, though and the little girl with her Irish dancing was lovely.

If any of you were there and enjoyed the tango, do let us know.

Tom 2009-06-15 11:29 reply

Re: Would you be interested in group lessons in tango?

I've had some interest in this but almost entirely from women. Are there no men who want to sweep the women of St Margarets off their feet?

Historically, tango was often danced by two men, with only the very best dancers having any chance of dancing with a woman. The dance was seen as an opportunity to demonstrate just how 'macho' the men were.

Come on, gentlemen. Any takers?

Tom 2009-05-19 16:37 reply

Argentine tango lessons offered

Local tango dancer with dance teaching experience offers tuition in Argentine tango. (This is not the same as ballroom tango.) Can offer a place for you to dance or will teach in your own home (you'll need a wood or stone floor). You do not need any previous dance experience.

I have studied in Buenos Aires and London and am happy to pass on some of the techniques you need to enjoy this amazing dance.


Tom 2008-10-01 12:17 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered

Given the enthusiasm of people like Lee, Tammy and I would like to run group lessons in St Margarets. We've found an affordable location, so all we need is enough pupils to make it worthwhile. We'd concentrate on basic technique (like Lee describes) with some fancy stuff as people grow in confidence. We think we could do this for £10 for an hour's lesson and a short time to practice after. We're looking at an evening in the week.

A group session with just two or three people turning up is just embarrassing for all involved, so we really need to know if people are interested before we start. Learning the tango does require some commitment (it isn't that easy) but it's well within the competence of anyone who has the use of both legs, regardless of age. You don't have to be especially fit (though you will get fitter as you dance) and it does open up a whole world of tango events and social activities in London (and around the world - especially in Argentina). Tammy and I are both convinced that it's more important to dance than to dance perfectly, so we do expect to have fun with our tango.

If people are interested, could they reply here or contact me directly on



Tom 2009-04-16 12:10 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered

Thanks Tom for all the help. I decided to take about 15 hours of private lessons with Tom and classes with a number of other teachers where class sizes were usually between 6 and 30 people. I wanted to dance with lots of different partners and also see how differently teachers taught the subject. The basic steps of tango are not necessarily difficult to learn but to do them well and on a crowded dance floor is a great deal harder. Tom teaches technique really well and without technique it is very difficult to progress. He is the perfect starting point for learning tango and even came up with three different partners for me to accompany. I often found that I would learn a new set of steps in one of the general classes and then come back and refine it with him. The trouble with the classes is that both partners learn the steps and know what to expect; so whilst at the end of the lesson there is a feel good factor, one has not really learnt the technique necessary properly to lead the steps to another partner who has not just undertaken the same class. Tom also taught me a number of different steps but most importantly works on getting into and out of those steps, rather than learning them in isolation. I strongly recommend Tom to all dancers, new, improving or experienced.

Lee 2009-04-10 12:37 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered

Hi tom

I am interested in learning the tango do you do group lessons in the area or just private lessons thanks ruth

ruth van loen 2008-10-11 20:20 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered

If you can get a group, I'm very happy to teach it but I'm not prepared to take the risk and organisation involved in hiring a venue - so it's just private lessons at the moment. Richmond Adult Community College used to teach tango and responded positively to the suggestion that they offer it again - if you ring their head of dance, Dawn Haynes, on 8891 5907 × 8935, it might nudge them to do this.

I'd love to teach a group if you can find the people and the venue. If any organisations would like to try a feel of tango one day, let me know and I'll turn up.

For anyone who watched 'Strictly Come Dancing' last week - this is NOT ballroom tango. I have taught a residential course for ballroom dancers who wanted to learn Argentine Tango and almost every element was different. Many of the things that ballroom dancers do are specifically avoided in Argentine tango.

Tom 2008-10-12 12:37 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered


Can you please tell me how much private lessons cost


ruth van loen 2008-10-12 17:40 reply

Re: Argentine tango lessons offered

£30/hr, whether there's one of you or two

Tom 2008-10-12 17:50 reply

Carriage of 6 Smallish Cartons to Scotland?

is there a good samaritan out there (or knows someone who may help?) who can deliver for 2 small charities 6 smallish and not very heavy cartons to anywhere in the vicinity of glasgow or edinburgh in the next few weeks, month or two? be very grateful to hear from anybody who can help or has any ideas so do please ring me on 020 8892 7797 and i will provide more information, lee

Peter 2009-04-09 11:49 reply


For several years I have been studying various meditation techniques, meditating regularly myself and enjoying the amazing and numerous benefits of this practice.

If you are interested in exploring and practicing meditation yourself and would like some guidance and encouragement, please contact me. I am offering the following;

- Initial, informal consultation to understand your aims and to identify the most appropriate meditation technique for you - free of charge and no obligation.

- Subsequent guided meditation sessions - £25 per hour

I can offer flexible times to suit your work and life schedule. If you have a group and would like to do this together, I am also happy to work this out. I live locally in St Margarets and can be contacted anytime, at your convenience on;

mobile: 07835 353698


Thank you and have a wonderful day


Dan 2009-02-27 10:13 reply

loft conversion


I'd be very grateful to receive recommendations from anyone who has had a loft conversion in St Margarets, especially on Sidney Road.

Thanks in advance.


Philip 2009-01-26 14:39 reply

Re: loft conversion

A few of us on South Western Road have used St Peters and are quite happy.

Peter 2009-02-04 19:25 reply

Double Room to rent in the heart of St Margarets

I am moving out of my room and I am currently looking for a replacement. The house is situated a few roads behind St Margarets Tavern, it is close to all amenities. The rent is £625 per month.

There are two other flat mates living in the house, as well as two cats. They are all very sociable :)

If you are interested please email me at

thank you

nznanny 2008-12-05 12:31 reply

1 Double bed split-level Garden Flat for short-term rental - Incl. ALL BILLS!

Situated in the heart of St. Margarets, close walking distance to all amenities, the Thames and Richmond high street.

- 1 minute walk to St. Margarets overland - 30 min direct line to Waterloo

- Short-term rental (3 months), all bills included

- Fully furnished (incl. home entertainment system)

Ideal for professional couple which require a short commute into Central London or a base whilst in search of permanent accomodation.

Available from February 2009.

Please contact Claus on

Claus 2008-11-22 11:55 reply

Is anyone interested in cleaning their house without chemicals or smelly potions?

If you are, I could help. I am a ENJO consultant for this area.

ENJO is an award winning company who manufacture funky house cleaning products- use without chemicals, just add water and see the results. Sold in 20 countries and now in the UK. You can clean everything in your home in an eco-friendly and cost & time effective way. We have no packaging, no bottles, no fumes.

Ideal for health conscious parents or asthma or eczema sufferers. Scientific tests show ENJO can remove up to 100% of allergens & bacteria.

For the cost of £41, you could clean your bathroom or kitchen with a professional finish without chemicals for the next 3 years.

All products have a 30 day returns policy and carry a 3 year warranty too.

Email me if you would like more information or ring 07801 455345 for a FREE demonstration in your own home.

marisa shek 2008-11-04 20:32 reply

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