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Taxi transfers to airports

If you need a local black taxi cab, there is a local black taxi company in Twickenham. It runs a traditional black London taxis and the new 6 seater black London taxi. Very reliable and takes bookings online via

Great service for all occasions. call 07852 464 159 ask for Ben

C Christoforidis 2009-11-15 20:37 reply

Re: Taxi transfers to airports

I've used - very cheap and reliable London taxi firm. They also have the new London taxi available for airport transfers and major sporting events. Great service and Ben is hilarious!

A Davies 2009-11-15 20:11 reply


Hi there!

I am looking for a house to look after over the Christmas period in St Margarets/Twickenham. My parents (a nice reliable couple in their 60's) are coming to visit me, but unfortunatelly my flat is too small to acommodate them. It would be perfect if they could stay nearby (we live in Sidney road) with more comfort. In exchange, they will keep the house clean and safe, and if you have any plants or pets that need looking after, they will more than happy to do that.

Please contact me if you are interested and/or would like more information.

Ana Karina


Ana Karina 2009-10-24 15:10 reply

Do you have a 3 or 4 bedroom house in East Twickenham or St Margarets to sell?

I would like to buy a 3 or 4 bedroom house in East Twickenham or St Margarets, south of the A316. I have sold my house and so need to find somewhere as soon as possible.

Please email me on if you can help.


Shari Norton 2009-09-28 17:45 reply

Renting in St Margarets


I'm looking to rent a one or two bedroom place in St Margarets. Preferably with some outside space, a gas or new electric hob in the kitchen and within easy walking distance of St Margarets or Richmond train stations. Our budget is around £1,000-£1,100 a month.

I'd love to hear from anyone thinking of renting their place out around the end of October/start of November!



Janelle Adams 2009-09-28 15:24 reply

Looking to buy a 2 bed + house in St Margarets


My wife and i are looking to buy a 2 bed + house in the St Margarets area i.e. Ailsa Avenue, Gordon Avenue, Sidney road etc.....

We're open to all areas around St Margarets and willing to pay up to £480k...We don't have anything to sell and can move quickly for the right house...

If anyone hears or knows of anything please contact me at



ian 2009-08-16 19:01 reply

Anyone need dog walking help?

We are a young professional couple, both 28, living in St Margarets, looking for dogs to walk!

We both love dogs, have had them most of our lives, and would be really happy to help walk dogs in the Richmond/St Margarets/Twickenham area.

If you think we could help, just drop us an email.

Jenni and Conrad

Jenni Sheppard 2009-08-14 12:57 reply


Is anybody out there able to recommend a local reliable garage for a forthcoming MOT test?

I'm fairly new to the area and it's difficult to find any reviews or feedback on this kind of thing.

Any advice gratefully received!


Martyn 2009-04-14 18:19 reply


We use Richmond Bridge MOT centre, their no. is 020 88910202‎


Robyn Coles 2009-07-22 11:54 reply


Can anyone recommend a babysitter ?

We are looking for someone trustworthy with experience to babysit our young baby on a regular basis.

If you know of anyone please contact us on

Many thanks

Clio 2009-07-13 20:59 reply

Teenagers Available for Work!!

I have two very reliable and hard working teenagers aged 14 and 15 who are looking for work - anything considered!

Please email me at


JohnR 2009-05-17 21:26 reply

Re: Teenagers Available for Work!!

Oo, I'm 16 and am also looking for a summer job this holiday :) If you find anything let me know.

Katrina 2009-07-05 12:45 reply

Raising Money - A few things for sale


I have a couple of things for sale if anyone's interested - I'm 16 and just trying to raise some money- this is what I have on offer at the moment:

-The Sims 1 - House Party & The Sims Original (£8)

-The Sims Unleashed Expansion Pack - (£4)

-" " - Livin It Up - (£4)

-" " - On Holiday - (£5)

Also my Grandma accidentally bought Quantum of Solace, the DVD, instead of Casino Royale and we can't return it because the packaging is off, so if anyone would like it, it's £7.

Let me know :)

Katrina 2009-07-05 12:42 reply

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