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Found after the Fair

We have a mountain bike, coolbag, and picnic rug that were left on Moormead park. Please call 07900 695038 to arrange collection.

Nicola Gouldstone 2007-07-15 12:05 reply

Builder for extension in St.Margaret's

Does anyone know of a reliable (preferably local) builder to carry out an extension on a period property in St. Margaret's.

We havent yet decided on the extension or conservatory route. If anyone knows of a company (got a few links of the web, but would prefer a recommendation) who does good quality conservatories I would be grateful.

Finally, a local plumber and a good local GP (near to St.Margarets roundabout and sympathetic to a toddler) would be great


willhayes 2007-05-19 08:46 reply

Gordon Avenue/Ailsa Avenue residents association?

Does anyone who lives in these joining roads feel it would be a good idea to get together to form a residents association to discuss issues such as parking, the doctor's surgery, making access to the streets 1 way, forming a babysitting circle, helping to shop or look out for elderly residents or plan a street party?

debbie 2007-05-19 08:45 reply

Charity Collectors in St Margs Pubs

This is something that really peeves me off,

I donate monthly to 2 charities by standing order as well as ocassionally throwing a few quid into collection buckets when I am out and about. And I do volunteer work on saturdays.

Last night whilst enjoying a quiet drink in the St Margarets Tavern I had 2 different charites approach our table looking for money, this made me feel uncomfortable - I did give them money but feel their approach is somewhat bulling in approach when all eyes are on you, and then the next table they then went to in turn threw some money in too as they felt pressured by seeing me cough up.

It has actually made me not want to go there for another quiet after work drink...

Am I just being a righ cow, or does this annoy other people too?

Cleo100 2007-05-19 08:43 reply

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