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Nisha is a young hotshot executive working for Golden Fields, Australia's largest producer of rice. Ambitious and headstrong, she's determined to become the first female Indian CEO in Australia. She's close to sealing a contract with the Indian government, which would see her company take over India's national rice distribution system.

A secret deal worth billions.

Working late nights in the office she encounters Yvette, an older Chinese migrant, who cleans up her mess. Yvette has her own entrepreneurial ambitions, but her daughter faces court after participating in a protest against the unethical practices of a national supermarket chain.

The two form a powerful - if unlikely - bond as they navigate the complexities of their lives and the world at large."a heady broth of gender, generation and globalisation" Australian StageBrimming with wickedly humorous observations on globalisation, politics and family, this is the UK premiere of a powerful new play from Asian-Australian writer Michele Lee, which has won numerous awards including the Australian Writers' Guild Award for Best Original Stage Play.

Directed by Matthew Xia (Amsterdam, Blood Knot), Artistic Director of Actors Touring Company, who produce international contemporary theatre-making the global, local and the local, global.

An Orange Tree Theatre and Actors Touring Company co-production

OT On Screen

The play will also be live-streamed so you can watch it at home. Thu 4 & Fri 5 Nov at 7.30pm

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