Teddington Theatre Club
-Daisy Pulls It Off - OLD EVENT

By Denise Deegan

A ripping 'Girls Own' yarn, where right triumphs over adversity

When Daisy Meredith wins the first scholarship to the hitherto exclusive Grangewood School for Girls not everyone there is pleased.

Can she put up with the 'toadyish' behaviour? Will the Headmistress realise she is being made a scapegoat? Can she find the Digby treasure and save the school? Will she survive and win through without losing her cool?

A jolly funny 1927 storyline, with 2019 morals - what larks!

We regret that the lift is currently OUT OF ACTION. Work will commence shortly to replace it, but the new lift will not be installed until December at the earliest. Please note, therefore, that anyone with mobility problems is advised to book tickets downstairs and not in the balcony.

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