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Orange Tree Theatre
Out of Water

Claire and Kit have moved from the confines of London to the wide open coasts of South Shields.

To be nearer family, to be nearer the sea, to put down roots. To have a baby.

Claire's new job at the local school is a step up, and she wants to make a real difference, but she soon discovers that she has as much to learn from her students as they have from her. more information about Out of Water


Teddington Theatre Club

By Moira Buffini

Meet Maggie and Liz: expect handbags at dawn

Handbags, hairspray and sensible shoes. Meet Liz and Maggie. Two enduring icons born in the same year. One destined to rule, the other elected to lead.

You are invited to listen in on their weekly private meetings. What follows is a mostly true story. 40 years to the day since ...

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Orange Tree Theatre
While the Sun Shines

On the eve of his wedding, the young Earl of Harpenden - Bobby to his friends - has offered his room to Joe, an American soldier he drunkenly met the night before. When Bobby's fiancée Lady Elizabeth turns up, Joe makes a move, thinking she must be Bobby's ex, the wonderful Mabel Crum. But a Free French lieutenant also has eyes for her... And to complicate matters, ...

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Teddington Theatre Club
A Visit from Miss Prothero

By Alan Bennett

Two 'tales with a twist' from a master storyteller

Alone and recently retired, Arthur Dodsworth's relatively settled life is turned upside down by a visit from his vindictive ex-secretary. Ironic wit and compassion mark this touchingly real story.

Moscow 1958. Exiled British spy Guy Burgess encounters actress Coral...

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Teddington Theatre Club
Wolf Hall

By Hilary MantelAdapted for the stage by Mike Poulton

Treachery, politics and intrigue at the court of King Henry VIII

The year is 1527. King for almost 20 years, Henry has no male heir. While Catherine is determined to remain Queen, Henry obsesses about replacing her with a wife who can give him a son. In a highly dangerous and politically charged...

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Richmond Shakespeare Society
The Lonesome West


by Martin McDonagh, directed by Fiona Smith

Welcome to beautiful rural Connemara. Where violence, murder and suicide are local recreational activities. Psychotic siblings Coleman and Valene share a remote cottage and perpetual disputes over the most mundane of topics. Only alcoholic ineffectual priest Father Walsh strives to reconcile them. Add a visit from teenager Girleen, the local poteen supplier, and a shotgun.

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Richmond Shakespeare Society
Much Ado About Nothing


by William Shakespeare, directed by Fiona Poole

This much loved classic 'battle of the sexes' is one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies, from barbed wit to bumbling policemen. Come along and find out if Cupid's arrows strike true.

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Richmond Shakespeare Society
The Father


by Florian Zeller, directed by Stephen Oliver

This tragi-comedy, winner of the Molière Award for Best Play of 2014, plunges us into the mind of a man whose grasp on reality is gradually fading. Is André living in his own flat or that of his daughter Anne? Has the carer stolen his watch? Is his daughter married or was she divorced five years ago? ...

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Richmond Shakespeare Society


by William Shakespeare, directed by Susan Conte

In the rain-soaked streets of modern Denmark, civil unrest is simmering. The King has died suddenly and strangely. His brother Claudius has immediately seized the throne, in a breach of all custom, democracy and law, and then married the widowed Queen. The heir apparent, young Hamlet, has been brushed aside. Can...

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