Sculpture, video and paintings by a group of young artists, musicians and scientists present recent work that explores diverse ideas. The show has no set theme, but uses the title as a starting point to explore links between different worlds; in particular the worlds of the artist, scientist and musician.

Artworks also examine ideas of collecting, interactivity and the surreal or visual joke.

How artists relate to the 'other world-view' of science is explored by Samuel Zealey, who recently appeared on BBC2's show 'School of Saatchi.' For Echoes of Other Worlds, Sam presents his work 'Homage to Science Year 10' which is a playful take on the wonder of science experienced during high school classes.

'To the last syllable of recorded time' is a surround sound installation retelling the music and poetry of Oumar Konyate, last of a long line of griots from Guinea, West Africa. The project explores the relationship between ethnicity, identity and environment, through the transformation of Oumar's music by UK based sound artists Jake Garber and Tim Bamber and is presented with a video by Ronit Meranda.

Dr Stephen Hicks is a Research Fellow in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. For Echoes of Other Worlds he presents a project exploring the nature of vision. In an autonomous simulation he invites the viewer to compare human sight to a robotic analogue of vision that uses simple detection principles to guide its virtual "Eye" around an open space.

Other artists featured include past and present students from the Royal College of Art, Kingston University and Goldsmiths, as well as teaching staff from the Royal Academy.

Also featured are the 'army' of terracotta cats, created by gallery staff, volunteers and younger members of after school art clubs.

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