Families in the Forest is an interactive experience for families to explore the Orleans House grounds through a series of encounters with inhabitants past and present.

Walking through the grounds we encounter ancient trees, flowers, bats, moles, squirrels, even an antelope. Each plant and creature offers an invitation to us to consider their experience in the space by changing our own. Young bats seeing for the first time invite us to close our eyes and feel the surroundings with our hands, our fingers, our palms, to tread the ground, to summon colours into our imaginations, and when we open our eyes imagine we are emerging from a cave to encounter colour for the first time in our lives.

Each inhabitant will guide our interactions with the space and help us to reconsider our own role in the natural world by better understanding theirs.

Event dates (11.15-12 pm)

  • Tuesday 31 August
  • Sunday 12 September
  • Sunday 19 September
  • Sunday 26 September
  • Sunday 3 October
  • Sunday 10 October
  • Sunday 17 October
  • Sunday 24 October
  • Sunday 31 October
  • Sunday 14 November
  • Sunday 21 November
  • Sunday 28 November

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