Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival
-Masterclass in Creative Writing - OLD EVENT

Award-winning poet and raconteur, Luke Wright tours the flat-roofed pubs and half-bought couches of Brexit Britain, and even goes back in time to London's gas-lit 19th century streets through his poems.

Meet Edward Dando the oyster-guzzling hero of the late-Georgian broadsides; witness Iain Duncan Smith being taken to pieces in a poem that utilises only one type of vowel; and raise a warm can of Stella with the Essex campers who spot a lion prowling the marshes.

The characters that populate these poems are diverse and strange but they, like Wright, are all facing moral conundrums. There's decisions to make; questions to answer; gin to drink.

Wright makes poetry accessible. Spend an evening with a raconteur at the top of his game, as he performs inventive verse that sweats, bleeds and sings.

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The Exchange, Twickenham

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Richmond upon Thames Literature Festival