-The Great River Race - 2017 - OLD EVENT

21.6 Miles from London Docklands to Ham in Surrey

The Great River Race is London's River Marathon. A spectacular boat race up the River Thames, it attracts over 330 crews from all over the globe. The Great River Race appeals to every level of competitor! From serious athletes who like winning, to those who enjoy laughter, fancy dress and charity stunts, it's a great fun day out for both competitors and spectators.

  • 15:05 - KEW BRIDGE Now racing a against a semi-rural backdrop, the faster dragonboats, Waterman Cutters, Pilot Gigs and Celtic Longboats are beginning to show their superior pace and feature in the top twenty.
  • 15:40 - RICHMOND BRIDGE Richmond's riverside spectators cheer on the crews as they pass through the Bridge. With 35 trophies up for grabs, crews must draw on their last reserves to vie for a winning spot. Richmond Bridge
  • 15:45 - RIVERSIDE BELOW HAM HOUSE, RICHMOND Our Race winner crosses the line to a cannon broadside, rousing applause, and the prospect of receiving The Challenge Trophy of The Company of Watermen & Lightermen and becoming the UK Traditional Boat Champions in the process.



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