The Museum of Richmond is thrilled to announce that its Summer Family Workshops will be on the theme; GARDENS THROUGH TIME. This will complement our 'Feeding London; the forgotten market gardens' exhibition which runs at the museum until September 1st.

The session will include families learning about the history of garden design through images and discussion. Why did the Tudors favour the knot gardens? How did the Georgians influence garden designs across Europe?

This will be followed by an inspiring short walk to explore Richmond's local gardens. Then it's time to get busy with arts and crafts; families will have the opportunity to design their own garden, it could be historical, modern day or even futuristic. Finally using glass paint families will be able to decorate their own nature inspired ceramic tile.

More Information

  • Cost - £4 p/child, adults free
  • To book, call 0208-332-1141 or email with a contact number name and age of children attending
Kids OK
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