3.00pm Sunday 14 December 2014

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 14th All Souls Church in Northcote Road will provide the venue for a special event to commemorate World War 1 by revisiting and remembering Christmas through four years of conflict.

Close by the Roll of Honour and amidst the Church's seasonal candlelight we will tell the story of the War, not from the viewpoint of historians, military commentators or political experts, but through the songs and poetry of the people who were actually there, the soldiers at the front and those who endured at home.

There will be reports on the War's progress and 'news from the front', contemporary poetry and barrack room ballads all accompanied by a small band of local musicians and a choir. The singing will be led by singers Alex Aucken and Maria Margiotta who will invite us to join in with many of the popular songs and parodies for the time.

We are delighted that local, celebrity actors Stella Gonet and David Firth will be telling the story through poetry and narration. The entire event will be enhanced by a specially commissioned on-screen pictorial presentation of photographs, postcards and posters from the time. A first class sound reinforcement system will make sure that you will clearly hear the proceedings from wherever you are seated in the Church.

World War 1 Poster C

We will be offering complimentary tea and cake to all attending and guests are encouraged to bring along their own choice of refreshments to supplement what will be on offer. Edwardian dress is strictly optional.

Admission to the Church will be from 3pm and the performance, which will run for approximately one hour, will commence shortly after that.

"They went with songs to the battle, they were young,"


More Information

  • At All Souls Church on the corner of Northcote and Haliburton Roads
  • Admission is free and young people are welcome
  • The production will run about 1 hour
  • For more information please call John Denby on 07860 594620


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