North St Margarets Resident's Association
-The Grand Annual Street Sale - OLD EVENT

Grand Annual Street Sale - Saturday 8th September

"It's like a car boot sale - but without the car or the boot!"

Is that old Rembrandt still cluttering up the attic? Getting bored with those dusty Fabergé eggs in the bathroom? Is that authentic Ormolu clock really ticking-tocking you off? Get rid of them NOW in the Annual North St Margarets Residents Association 'Grand Annual Street Sale', which takes place on Saturday 8th September from 1.00pm.

The procedure is simplicity itself. On the day of the sale the residents of the NSMRA community put tables outside their houses, cover them with all the things that they no longer need - books, records, toys, clothes and so on - and then sell them. They determine the price and they keep the money. The range of goods is huge, from furniture and clothes through to plants, homemade cakes, pickles and jams, bric-a-brac and DVD's.

Now GASS Day is open to all comers. If you would like a pitch.simply register with Martyn Day on 020 8892 5211. The cost is £2 for NSMRA residents and £5 for those living outside the immediate neighbourhood.

Adding to the day's sense of community at 11.00 local kids in fancy dress will parade around the area "Beating the Bounds" with magical willow wands. Although the ritual is pre-Christian the children see it as pure "Harry Potter".

The Grand Annual Street Sale - It's a G.A.S.S!

Kids OK