Richmond Shakespeare Society

God sends Death to call Everyman to account. Can he invite his friends and family to his Judgement Day? Where exactly did he leave his good deeds, long, long ago?

Everyman is an imaginative mediaeval morality play which straddles the centuries, and tells of the trials and tribulations facing anyone trying to make sense of life.

As the first step in a theatrical stroll down the ages planned by the Richmond Shakespeare Society this season, it replaces Mysteries, 2007's original debut play.

It starts with the stage management clearing away the last show under the all-seeing eye of God, and ends with celestial music and dance as Everyman goes to meet his maker. After 500 years and a major shift in religious beliefs, it is still relevant even today.

Director Gerald Baker says:

"The joy of theatre is that one minute you're entertained by the songs and jokes of a traditional panto, and the next are confronted by questions as basic as What matters in life? Hopefully we provide that contrast, as our Christmas panto is followed by the rarely seen Everyman."

Shows at Twickenham's Mary Wallace Theatre are on Thursday-Saturday, February 8th-10th at 7.45pm, plus a 3pm matinee on Saturday 10th.

Postal bookings are open now, phone bookings on 020 8744 0547 open on Jan 22. Tickets at £7 are also available to callers at the box office from Saturday 27th January between 12 and 1.30pm.

The Mary Wallace is a club theatre, so only Society members may buy tickets. Membership costs £10 a year from Stella Gheury de Bray on 020 8940 1606, or visit