"Following an ideastarted on this site during the electioncampaign. I would like to make progress on a strategic plan for St. Margarets. This would bring together the views and needsof all the local residents' associations, the St Margarets Traders Association, PTAs, allotment associations, St Margarets' Fairand any other representative group who has an interest in the community and wellbeing of St Margarets.

It would address many of the current issues of, for instance, parking in Crown Road, the Tesco problem, support for local shops and businesses, public transport, cycle lanes, home zones in residential areas, trees and other plants in our streets,housing and planning, schools, policing etc...

This would then feed into the 'Local Development Framework', or simply provide a guideline for our new councillors to promote on our behalf. I'm sure other peoplewill have more ideas. The problem may only be knowing where to stop!

Winchester Hall,by the Turks Head,has been booked for Tuesday 6th June, from 7.30-9.00 p.m. for an initial meeting, as I think that'safter half term and doesn't clash with Council meetings.So let's get the debate started hereto give us a good idea of how to move forward at the meeting."

-- Judy Maciejowska


The Turks' Head Public House

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