Anglers dedicated to protecting and improving the River Thames

The TAC is a Free to join voluntary organisation established at the beginning of 2010 and run by anglers, wanting to help in the conservation of the River Thames.

As anglers we spend a vast amount of time by the river and collectively we hold an incredible amount of knowledge about the fish that the river contains. Many of us have fished the river for the best part of our lives during which time we have all noticed changes in our catches and the environment.

Along with being a conservation group, we are also Thames fishing club. We have a vibrant forum where members can discuss catches, post pictures get advice on any subject. We hold regular friendly matches and fish together's where members can meet up and enjoy time on the river. Our membership has a wide range of abilities, experience and fishing styles, unlike many other groups we are not single species or only specialist.

Above all, we at the TAC are dedicated to protecting and improving the River Thames for the benefit of all. We hope you will join us in trying to make the Thames a better place for both native wildlife and those that appreciate it. We welcome your support and ask that you become a member and get involved in what we are trying to do.


P.O. Box 863