The Theatre wing of the former home of Dr John Langdon Down, formerly known as Normansfield, is now owned and managed by the Down's Syndrome Association. The building was refurbished and handed over to them as part of a Section 106 planning agreement by Developers Laing Homes in October 2003.

The remit of the Langdon Down Centre and the Down's Syndrome Association is to promote, preserve and manage this beautiful grade 11* listed building, and the historical archive material of Dr. Langdon Down.

Dr John Langdon Down was a Victorian physician who established Normansfield in 1868 as a family home and a place where people with learning disabilities could be cared for and educated at a time when most of them would have been condemned to life in an asylum.

This remarkable man built a beautiful Theatre and encouraged his patients/students to learn music and drama as part of their education. He provided work experience in woodwork and farming in a way that was probably more advanced than some of the provision available today. Most of his students had the condition that now bears his name and he is known internationally as the 'Father of Down's syndrome'.


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historic house

historic house