MiD provides mediation to families and couples who need to make decisions about their futures: the children, finances, property and other important matters. Mediation can reduce misunderstanding and bitterness and save unnecessary legal costs. It is not a substitute for legal advice and clients are encouraged to consult solicitors when necessary. We do not give legal advice to clients, but we do have a Community Legal Service ('Legal Aid') franchise and that means that qualifying clients can use mediation without any charge.

MiD also offers counselling services for Children from 5 years upward who are affected by their parents changed relationship and for Adults (either individual or couples) who need to talk through unresolved issues related to separation, divorce or relationship breakdown.

Splitting up? Separated? Confused?

Has your relationship broken down? Are you uncertain about what to do next? Feeling confused or angry? Worried about your children? Finding it hard to talk to your (former) partner about matters you need to decide together e.g. children, finances, your home, your futures?

Would it help to talk to a professional?

Mediators help couples and families sort out what to do next. They provide help, support and information on the practical things in a way that is sensitive to your feelings, and to the needs of all family members, especially children.

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