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St Margarets Community Website 2016 Review

stmgrts stats how access 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we wanted to share some quick stats on the year that’s gone by, as we have in 2015 and 2014.

28 December 2016 | editorial

Change of Address -

Announcing the change of this site’s domain name from to

27 November 2016 | editorial

St Margarets Traders Association's Adam Tocock Steps Down

adam tocock

After many years of service, Adam Tocock is stepping down from his role with the St Margarets Traders Association. Adam helped organise the group and all their activities, including publishing the wonderful St Margarets magazines and running the semi-annual Crown Road fairs. It is hard and often unappreciated work, but Adam pushed forward with a smile on his face and a ready joke. Thank you Adam and we will see you at Cutters.

29 January 2016 | editorial

St Margarets Community Website 2015 Review

how access 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to share some quick stats on the year that’s gone by.

31 December 2015 | editorial

Me No See RWC Legacy

Rugby World Cup 2015

I’ve heard most of the arguments about the Rugby World Cup being good for the local economy – and I suppose, like most people, I am ready and prepared to put up with the inconvenience – the traffic diversions, the closed streets, the hoards of fans, the ‘porta-potty’ toilets, the crowded trains, the litter and the noise into the early hours of the morning. This the price of living next door to Twickenham Stadium at the time of the Rugby World Cup. I accept this. What I cannot accept is the apparent lack of any recognition, recompense or legacy for the thousands of people who will have to put up with it.

13 August 2015 | editorial

We are now on Facebook

stmgrts is now on facebook

6 February 2015 | editorial

St Margarets Community Website 2014 Review

how people access

As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to share some quick stats on the year that’s gone by.

31 December 2014 | editorial

Kiddikicks Classes in East Twickenham

Kiddikicks wholeheartedly aims to keep children playing sport long into adulthood by giving them a positive introduction to sport using the Kiddikicks syllabus of super-fun football developing real football skills and life skills in a safe, creative environment. The Kiddikicks syllabus is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest thinking and children’s bodies and minds.

17 August 2014 | editorial

Letters - Flood insurance

Trying to sort out renewal of my home insurance I’ve had a quote higher than ever before – just over £800 for this year.

31 January 2014 | editorial

The Face of Human Trafficking in St Margarets?

a letter from a local resident

For a number of weeks I have been attempting to involve our St Margarets neighbourhood police team in doing something about sexually explicit advertisements on the notice boards of our two local news agents – this, in the knowledge that this type of advertisement is sometimes placed not by the individual offering such services, but by those who control them. The response from Constable Peebles is that in his opinion these are perfectly harmless and in the eyes of the police “there is no offence being committed”.

16 May 2013 | editorial

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