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The Fourth Ward

Image - FOURTHWARD_St-Margarets-Station-1907 Some people, local estate agents mainly, insist on calling St Margarets 'the village' even though most of us know that our slice of paradise is really a 'dormitory' or 'a railway town' which didn't really come into existence until the railway station was opened on Monday 2nd October 1876. Before then it was about 2,000 acres of pasture, arable land, wood and common. We should be grateful that we live in 'St Margarets'. The local businessmen who helped pay for the new station wanted to call the neighbourhood 'Ailsa Bridge'. Phew!

17 February 2018 | around_town

Struggling with technology and social media?

Image - swedish-social-media-company As part of their course, two women from the Swedish School in Richmond have created a company to help people with getting to grips with social media and technology.

17 February 2018 | around_town

The Richmond Brass Band is back

Image - richmondbrassband2018 Trumpets sound as historical, local brass band is revived A local brass band has been revived in Richmond upon Thames and historical recordings published, thanks to funding from Richmond Council.

17 February 2018 | around_town

Maths tutor: James Maths

Qualified and experienced maths teacher offering GCSE, A-Level and Pre-U maths tuition (both pure, applied and further maths). Up to date knowledge of examination specifications. Currently teaching maths at high performing local independent school.

17 February 2018 | around_town

The march of the women

Image - WOMENMARCH_Suffragettes
"Shout, shout, up with your song! Cry with the wind, for the dawn is breaking."
Whenever her children or grandchildren were being particularly tiresome or her husband, the long-suffering Jack, was being typically bloody minded my grandmother would burst into song, loud and defiant...

10 February 2018 | around_town

Local Vacancy at St Marys CE Primary School

St Marys School in Twickenham is looking for a Clerk to the Governing Body. The Clerk is accountable to the Governing Body, working effectively with the Chair of governors, the Headteacher and other governors. As well as significant administrative support, including taking minutes and keeping records, clerks provide procedural and legislative advice.

10 February 2018 | around_town

Nick Hornby event - 13 March 2018

Image - nick-hornby Oscar nominated screenwriter to answer your questions at Twickenham Studios. An Oscar nominated screenwriter and award-winning author is to give a VIP public Q & A at Twickenham studios next month - giving an intimate audience a real insight to life in Hollywood, script writing and what it takes to break into the industry.

6 February 2018 | around_town

Mama don't allow!

Image - SKIFFLE_cafe-racers There is a common misapprehension that the only music the elderly enjoy is of the "Daisy Daisy" variety forgetting perhaps that today's generation of 70 and 80-year olds were not raised listening to music hall and Marie Lloyd but Johnny Ray, Tommy Steele and Skiffle. Today's Grey Panthers were yesterday's Teddy Boys and Dungaree Dolls and in their hearts they still are.

4 February 2018 | around_town

February Half Term at Orleans House Gallery

Image - ORLEANS_feb2018-poster Join us for a week of workshops inspired by our Stables Gallery exhibition, Water Water Everywhere. We will explore all things aquatic from the ocean to the Thames and the creatures who live there with print, paint, 3D creations and more!

3 February 2018 | around_town

Governor vacancies at Orleans Primary

Orleans Primary School has vacancies for 3 Governors. Governors are vital to the running of the school and it is exciting being involved in new developments and helping the school improve and meet its targets.

23 January 2018 | around_town

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