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The St Margarets Community Website was started in 2005. Over the past 16 years, I have regularly published this site with over 3,800 articles, 6,500 events, and 690 newsletters. But as a new year begins, I feel this is the right time to start closing down the site.

There is no single reason, just a general sense that the timing is right. I have mostly enjoyed creating the site and supporting the community that I live in; however, I feel the effort has now tipped over the benefits it brings. There are now far better online resources for everything that I provide. And, before you ask, no one will be taking the site over.

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I need to thank two people in particular for help with the site. The first is Simon Chapman, the former owner of Cutters and Gift and when I moved to the UK, head of the St Margarets Traders Association. He encouraged me with the site, helped with a lot of the early content, and helped promote the site with stickers on shop doors, offering me space at the Crown Road fairs and more.

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The second person is Martyn Day, one of the most remarkable people I have had the pleasure to know. I met Martyn when he was the Cub Scout leader for my boys in 1st St Margarets. He quickly offered to send me a regular article for the website on a range of topics from local history to local bands to local events. His pieces are timeless and still bring thousands of visitors to the site everyday.

I haven’t exactly decided how to archive the site, but I will try to keep some bits of it online, at least for a while. But from now, I will stop updating the site.

Thank you for your support.