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I know that this area is not exactly Dingley Dell when it comes to fairies, archaeological mysteries and things that go bump in the night, although it is worth noting that some folk think that Brentford sits across a portal to Hades, that the ghost of Elizabeth 1st haunts Richmond Palace and Twickenham is part of the mystical Kingston Zodiac… but then suddenly the Holy Grail crops up - in Hounslow!

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The Holy Grail is supposedly the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and Joseph of Arimathea used to collect Jesus’s blood when he was crucified. The search for the grail has become the holiest of quests as it offers both union with God and eternal youth, wealth and happiness to all who drink from it. Some Arthurian tales claim that Joseph of Arimathea brought the grail to Glastonbury in England and buried it there. Others believe that the Knights Templar seized the Holy Grail from the Temple Mount during the Crusades and brought it back to England where they hid it.

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The alleged discovery of the Holy Grail in Hounslow can be attributed to 40-year-old amateur archaeologist Barrie Jon Bower who comes from Cinderford in Gloucester. He believes that during the 10th and 11th century the Knights Templar trained on Hounslow Heath before embarking on their Crusades to the Middle East. Anticipating that they would be picking up treasure and holy relics during their religious adventures they decided before leaving to build a secret vault in which their ill-gotten gains could be secured. Mr Bower suggests that during the Crusades the Knights Templar did seize the Holy Grail from the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem and brought it to England where they buried it in their secret vault.

In the early 1500s a canal - the Duke of Northumberland’s River - was dug across Hounslow Heath transferring water 6 miles from the River Colne to the River Crane on the Thames in Old Isleworth. Its purpose was to power two new watermills. Unfortunately during the building work the secret entrance to the Templars vault disappeared.

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On December 18th 2020, in an article published in the “Sun” newspaper, Mr Bower said that he had asked the Environment Agency if the canal might be drained so that a proper survey of the river bed might be done. “Now I’ve been in the water it’s made me more certain. It feels hollow. I am certain there will be a vault beneath the surface, with the Grail inside and other treasures from the Crusades.” The Environment Agerncy are willing to review Mr Bowers request and see if they are able to support him. They also said that they have a statutory role to ensure that any works carried out are done in a way that does not cause environmental damange or pose a flood risk. Mr Bower can’t wait to get started. “There are some other reasons as to why I think the Holy Grail is here which I don’t want to reveal. It needs to stay secret.” As for me, I’m not saying anything.

You'll never settle nor find happiness
for even with Holy Grail in hand
it will not bring you pleasure,
for lasting joy for you
is not in the obtaining
but in the search and struggle.

The Holy Grail you seek
it's the one you already possess
inside you!

– Holy Grail by LUZ HANAII

– from Martyn Day