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A new campaign aimed at providing timely, easy to understand and reliable information about COVID-19 and vaccinations is to launch in Richmond upon Thames - and the Council is encouraging local people to take part.

The new COVID-19 Community Information Champions scheme aims to recruit individuals who live or work in the borough and want to help make a difference in their community by ensuring people are kept up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and guidance, including the roll out of the vaccine programme.

By having and sharing good and useful information, COVID-19 Community Champions make it possible for their community, family and friends, to make informed choices that help stop the spread of the virus and that may save lives.

Anyone can volunteer to contribute - you don’t need any previous experience - and you will be given everything you need to carry out your role effectively by the Council, its Public Health team and the NHS.

You might be a person that lots of people know and trust; you might be involved in a community group or organisation; you might have lots of family that live in the borough; you might be involved in a popular business - whatever it is, you just need a willingness to help others and to work with like-minded individuals.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please fill in the quick registration form.

We are also keen for COVID-19 Community Champions to share their own stories and experiences of the pandemic to reiterate the importance of everyone playing their part and following the rules and guidance.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“This network of volunteers will be instrumental in helping those harder to reach people have accurate information about COVID-19 and the vaccine programme. Unfortunately, fake news can cost lives and this network will help counter this.

“The Council, its Public Health team and its NHS partners will guide volunteers through the process and will ensure sharing the information is as easy as possible.

“This programme has proved successful in other areas of the country. We are doing our best to share as much information as possible across our own channels - but it’s never as effective as someone you trust giving you the information you need to stay safe.

“Please play your part and register your interest in becoming a COVID-19 Community Champion.”

Dr Patrick Gibson, GP Borough Lead for Richmond, said:

“The NHS is in the middle of delivering the biggest immunisation programme in our history and, by supporting Richmond’s Community Champions, we are really keen to channel the enthusiasm of residents for the vaccine and the desire to get everyone protected.

“You don’t need any special qualifications or to know the right people to be a Community Champion, you just need to have strong roots in our communities with lots of local friends, links or contacts so you can help keep us everyone up to date with the latest guidance and how we’re getting on rolling out vaccinations.”

– from a Richmond Council press release - 9 February 2021