Image - moormead-pavillion

After years of planning, fundraising, consultation and hard work, the plans for the pavilion in Moormead Park have been submitted for planning approval by Richmond Council.

Here is some of the letter submitted with the application.

The demolition of existing pavilion building and replacement with a single storey community pavilion to accommodate a cafe and kiosk, community space, storage space for sports equipment, public toilets and ancillary storage space

These proposals are the result of significant consultations with the local community and in response to Moormead Community & Sports Pavilion’s vision for a Pavilion which can be used as a facility for the whole community. The design has been developed through extensive input from a team of technical experts that results in a high quality sustainable building that will meet the needs of the community.

The proposed development will replace an existing dilapidated community sports pavilion with a new high quality, multi-use sustainable and inclusive community building accommodating a café with kiosk, community space, together with sports storage and accessible and inclusive public toilets.

The proposed café and associated kiosk will encourage the local community to enjoy the health benefits of the park. The kiosk will enable passers-by to purchase light refreshments that will encourage people to enjoy the health benefits of the Moormead Park for longer and more regular periods. Further, the provision of public toilets would enhance the facilities of Moormead Park making it more accessible and inclusive by giving people more confidence to move around and spend more time enjoying the health benefits of the Park.

Editorial note: Congratulations for all the hard work and good luck in planning!

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