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Around 25% of people who booked appointments at Townmead Road Household Waste and Recycling centre last month failed to turn up - meaning a longer wait for a slot for other residents.

Earlier this year, a new online booking system was launched, enabling people to book their slot in advance and avoid lengthy traffic queues.

Due to the social distancing measures in place, the number of visitors allowed on the site at one time had to be restricted. The reduced capacity of the site meant there could be up to two weeks’ wait for an available slot.

Over the past few months, the number of people booking a slot but not turning up has increased - and last month, a quarter of bookings failed to be honoured.

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee for Richmond Council, said:

“When we reopened Townmead Road in May, lengthy queues of traffic rapidly built up and we put in place an appointment booking system to address this. It has been working well. But we have a rising number of people who make an appointment and don’t turn up, which restricts other people’s opportunity to book a slot.

“If you make an appointment to visit the centre, please cancel it if you are unable to honour it. The software interface has been improved and it is quick and easy to cancel if you need to - please do so, so that someone else can take your place.”

For more information.

To change or cancel your booking, you will need to log-in to your account.

To set-up an account refer to your original booking confirmation email for instructions to set-up your account and password.

Change number plate or drop-off details:

  • Select My Profile
  • Edit the relevant detail
  • At the bottom page, select Update

Cancel your booking:

  • Once logged in, select My Orders
  • Next to your booking, select Cancel

You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

– from a Richmond Council press release - 16 November 2020