The following was passed along to us by a local resident who is trying to get Richmond Council to fix the problem of fly tipping at the recycling point at Railshead Road.

Image - flytip-2

I’m sure you are in agreement that this fly tipping by the H37 bus stop at Railshead Road is getting beyond a joke. I have personally been in contact with Richmond Council who feel that ‘having the bins there is important for people who do not have kerbside collections’. When I asked who does not have a kerbside collections in this borough my email was ignored.

I contacted our MP and the local councillor several months ago. The local councillor stated that he too had noticed how bad things were and he would be dealing with the council. The MP said she would let the councillor sort things out. Clearly things have not improved, and as fast as the rubbish is cleared it appears again.

Image - flytip-1

These two images show what built up over this last August Bank Holiday weekend. The rubbish was covered in flies and wasps, animals had been ripping open the bags of domestic food waste and had left faeces. It is a public health hazard. Apart from the eyesore and health aspects, it’s just simply not necessary to have this recycling point anyhow. The council stickers warn of fines for fly tipping but there is nobody monitoring this area and there are no cameras. Collecting recycling from here and clearing the fly tipped mess is simply a waste of our Council Taxes.

I have again been in contact with the council and our councillor this week, but I am still awaiting a response.

If you share my concerns please can you take a few minutes to join in the discussion with those who have the power to change things? The email addresses are shown below:

Thanks in advance for any support you can offer in getting these bins removed once and for all.

Another Councillor has recently been looking into the issue with some ideas; however, the residents point out:

  • everyone in Richmond has recycling from their homes/blocks of flats/businesses (residential and commercial) so why is this recycling point even needed. As soon as the the recycling is emptied out it is full the next day so recycling is left on the floor by the containers
  • the recycling bins are a magnet for fly tippers for domestic waste, general rubbish e.g mattresses, broken mirrors, paint pots, car bumpers (all of which have been there in the last week). We see people drive to this site, dump and leave so obviously not locals. Some of the dumped materials have Hounslow address labels on.
  • it’s a waste of council tax payers money to have to keep collecting from this point and to have to collect all of the fly tipped waste also several times a week
  • it’s a health hazard