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Artists from across the borough will come together for an exhibition showcasing their artistic interpretation and reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic and this moment in time.

Art Unlocked will take place on 2-4 October at Orleans House Gallery. This unique exhibition will see artists display their own perspectives on the lockdown period and will provide local artists with an opportunity to showcase their work following the cancellation of this year’s Open Studios event due to Covid-19.

The exhibition is an opportunity for visitors to reflect with local artists, designers and makers on an extraordinary moment in time. The featured artists will be present at the gallery over the weekend to share their thoughts and creative ideas with visitors.

The exhibition will feature an array of different forms of art as artists have been given the freedom to create in any way they see fit. All pieces exhibited over the weekend will be on sale with residents encouraged to support the local artists who all live within the borough.

Cllr John Coombs, Lead Member for Libraries and Culture, said:

“The lockdown period has been a difficult period for all of us. I am delighted that the artists, designers and makers of Richmond upon Thames were able to use this time to reflect and create some amazing pieces of art while reflecting on the difficulties so many faced during the lockdown period. The exhibition is also a fantastic opportunity to support the local artistic community and for them to showcase their creations following the cancelation of this year’s Open Studio festival due to the pandemic.”

Ruth Strupinski, one of the artists featuring in the Art Unlocked exhibition said:

“I am delighted to be part of the Art Unlocked initiative, celebrating the many talented artists in our borough with their unique responses to these unprecedented times. Even though not connected physically we are connected in the practice of our creativity.

“My own work is my response to the physical, and often random, nature of crowds, of people going about their normal movements from A to B in relative safety despite their proximity to others. The dynamics of crowded areas has now changed - people have emerged from lockdown slower and, sadly, more wary of one another.”

Orleans House Gallery and the Stables Café have now re-opened following their closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the gallery open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm.