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Residents are reminded NOT to come to Townmead Road, Household Waste and Recycling Centre without an appointment!

Last week, Richmond Council launched an online booking system to help ease the queueing at the centre. Due to the reduced capacity available at Townmead, and as a result of social distancing measures, traffic queue times at the site were regularly reaching two hours.

Appointments to visit the site are available two weeks in advance. However, since the new online system launched, those appointments have been booking up well in advance. When residents try to book their visit - if no slots are on display when the day is selected, that means that there are none available for that date.

Those who do NOT have an appointment are reminded not to visit the site, as they will be turned away.

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, said:

“Since the booking system has been in place, we have seen significant reductions in traffic queues, with people now a lot clearer when they can visit the site. However, we are still experiencing a lot of people turning up without appointments.

“Please do not do this. The level of demand we are currently seeing at the Centre means that we do not have the space available to let more people in. Therefore, to avoid disappointment - please plan your visit well in advance.

“We know that there have been a couple of teething issues with the booking site and we are working hard to rectify these. We are actively seeking to increase the number of slots available.

“I thank residents for their support of the measures the Council has taken to dat. We look forward to their continued support to ensure the booking arrangements we are putting in place operate successfully and ensure the continued safety of visitors and staff.”

For all residents looking to visit Townmead Road, please remember the following:

Entries are only allowed through pre-booked visits - you will not be allowed entry if you do not have a booking.

Do sort your waste ahead of your visit as your time on site will be limited. This way, it allows for optimised recycling and enables others to have fair use of the site too.

Do not turn up too early for your appointment (more than ten minutes) or more than five minutes late as this will impact upon your entry to the site.

Do regularly check on our social media platforms @CentreTownmead on Twitter for up to date information and booking release dates.

For any other information of the new booking system, go to

– from a Richmond Council press release - 28 July 2020