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A new online booking system for Townmead Recycling Centre will be launched from the 20th July - enabling people to book their slot in advance and avoid lengthy queues.

Since the centre reopened when lockdown measures were eased, there has been a significant number of visitors. Due to the reduced capacity available on site, as a result of social distancing measures, queue times have sometimes reached two hours. Since opening, the Council has tried to inform residents of the queue lengths - with hourly Twitter and website updates, so people can check before they travel.

The new online system will reduce the queues and will improve health and safety controls on site to keep residents and staff safe.

The booking system is now live for bookings from the 20th July. Residents will have the opportunity to book up to two weeks in advance. Visitors arriving after the 20th July 2020 without a booking will be turned away and not be allowed entry.

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, said:

“We have tried hard since Townmead reopened to keep the queue lines moving, and while we have seen queues, they have been well managed, and I’m pleased to hear that most residents have been good-humoured and understanding whilst they wait.

“We have had to implement several social distancing measures and restrictions on each site, which has meant that we can have fewer vehicles at the centre at once.

“However, to alleviate queues in the long term, this new online booking system will enable people to book a slot at the recycling centre up to two weeks in advance. This should also save residents time, as they can book a slot, turn up, dispose of their waste and then carry on with their day.

“We expect demand to be very high initially, but new slots are added each day, so if you can’t get a slot, please try again the next day.”

For all residents looking to visit Townmead Road, please remember the following:

Entries are only allowed through pre-booked visits - you will not be allowed entry if you do not have a booking.

Do sort your waste ahead of your visit as your time on site will be limited. This way, it allows for optimised recycling and enables others to have fair use of the site too.

Do regularly check on our social media platforms for up to date information and booking release dates.

For any other information of the new booking system, go to

– from a Richmond Council press release - 9 July 2020