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This evidence based course was developed with the understanding that the most effective way to encourage long-term transformation is by focusing on the entire person, both mind and body. Both mindfulness and therapeutic yoga are well known to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, this 8-week yoga therapy course will help you access these profound healing properties.

Developed by The Minded Institute this course combines specific yoga therapy techniques and mindfulness with research from the fields of psychotherapy and neuroscience. It aims to:

  • Provide self-regulation techniques to better manage stress, anxiety and depression on a day to day basis
  • Enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve well-being
  • Improve self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness
  • Promote the elimination of negative habitual patterns of thought and behaviour.

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Each two-hour class is suitable for all levels and includes a weekly theme, breath practice, mindful activity, relaxation, meditation, reflection and discussion. To complement the class, a comprehensive manual and associated recordings will be shared to guide individual practice.

All classes will be from 7 to 9pm on Thursday evenings, starting from September 3rd and running on consecutive weeks up until October 22nd. The full course cost is typically £250, however as this course will be via video conference (Zoom), the revised online cost is £195.

If you would like to book your place or find out more, please do get in touch: and