Between 30 October 2018 and 6 January 2019, we consulted on proposals for changes to bus routes 110, 419, 493, H22 and H37 to reallocate bus resources to where additional capacity is needed in Richmond, Twickenham and Whitton.

We received 3,800 responses to the consultation including 3,777 public responses and 23 stakeholder responses.

As a result of comments received during consultation and the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, we have made changes to the proposals. Currently, we plan to introduce these changes in December 2020.

The proposals are planned to be revised as follows:

Reroute the 110 to operate between Hounslow Bus Station and Hammersmith. Route 110 will no longer run between Whitton, Hospital Bridge Road and West Middlesex Hospital and will instead operate via Whitton High Street, Chertsey Road and St Margarets Road to Richmond Town Centre, then via the current 391 routing to Hammersmith. Extending the 110 to Hammersmith via route 391 is more suitable than extending it via route 419 as it will operate every 15 minutes and have a slightly shorter run time

The extension of the 419 would no longer be required and route 391 would be renumbered 110

Cut route 493 back to Richmond Bus Station - as original proposal

Cut route H22 back to Twickenham - as original proposal - but also extend it from Twickenham to West Middlesex Hospital. Extending route H22 from Twickenham to West Middlesex Hospital will retain many of the links that are broken by the withdrawal of route 110. It also creates new links for the centre of Whitton

Reduce frequencies on route H37 - as original proposal

Introduce two journeys in each peak on route 490 to provide sufficient capacity on Staines Road

These changes help to address concerns raised in response to the consultation on the original scheme. They take into consideration changes to the network that took place as a result of the long-term closure of Hammersmith Bridge. They also give higher frequencies to West Middlesex Hospital and removes excess capacity in the Richmond and Twickenham areas to release resource that can be deployed more effectively elsewhere.

The consultation report, including responses to the issues raised

– from a Transport fo London press release - 18 June 2020