Image - lbrut-stree-lights

Last year the Council commenced a five-year project to replace the remaining concrete lighting columns and sodium street-lights in the borough with new mild steel lighting columns and upgrade all with LED street lights. These lights will not only generate financial savings but will also save 1,000 tones of Co2 each year. Unfortunately, whilst have already been installed, the project was put on hold due to Coronavirus.

However, works will now start up again and the remaining 6300 steel lighting columns and 6000 LED street-lights will be replaced over the next 5 years.

The new LED street-lights will be designed to be monitored by the Council’s computer management software and will have much lower running costs using up to 60% per cent less energy than a conventional sodium street light. They will save 1000 tonnes of CO2 per kwh per annum.

The LED street-lights will have a colour rendition of 4000k as this provides the optimum ability to reduce the lighting levels at night time and they are designed to produce the same lighting levels as the existing bulbs. There are no changes to the hours of light operation, with lights programmed to switch on at sunset and off at sunrise.

The new lights also have an average design life of 25 years, compared to about six years for traditional bulbs.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee, said:

“Many of our street-lights are nearing the end of their life and need replacing so it makes good sense to replace them with the latest technology. We have already replaced around 9000 street lamps with the new energy efficient bulbs so I am delighted that we can now continue with our roll out.”

– from a Richmond Council press release - 22 June 2020