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Orleans Primary School is looking for a co-opted governor. To be a School Governor is to assume an important role within the school community. Next academic year will be particularly challenging as the school deals with the repercussions of Covid-19. Governors are responsible for the strategic overview of the School and for ensuring that it complies with its statutory obligations. Being a Governor is a rewarding and fulfilling voluntary role but it is important for candidates to understand the responsibilities and commitments involved.

Orleans Primary School has an active Governing Body and all Governors are expected to participate fully. Governors will need to attend relevant training, visit the school regularly, and be an active member of at least one of the Governing Body’s Committees. Committees meet twice per term usually during school hours, the Full Governing Body meets six times a year at 7.15pm on Wednesday evenings.

This is a great role for anyone looking to support their local community, expand their skill set, and grow the charitable section of their CV.

For more information, please contact aaxiom@orleans.richmond.sch.uk