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Nine thousand full face visors have been created and donated to the frontline and social care workers in Richmond by a local graphics company - offering protection against Coronavirus.

Data Reprographics Ltd are a graphics company that service the Film, TV and theatre industry. Due to the lock down they have had to temporarily close their business. However, following appeals from the NHS and Richmond Council for vital Personal Protection Equipment, to protect front line staff, they decided to put their equipment to good use.

Working with over 500 volunteers, many of them from Twickenham, they have been producing the masks and have handed out nearly 9,000 already to doctors and nurses in local hospitals. Now, they have offered over 100 to social care workers in Richmond, protecting the staff when they enter people’s homes and the clients from the virus. The masks are a simple design consisting of a 1mm Foamex band, acetate shield, foam head guard and a Velcro fixing.

The company are keen to continue to make the masks, expanding distribution to local community groups. However, they are appealing to the community to help with financial donations to purchase the materials needed to make the masks.

Anyone wanting to donate, can go to:

Twickenham residents Faye Mccallum and Matt Jones have been driving the project over the past few weeks. They said:

“We wanted to do our bit to help those who are on the front line, saving lives.

“Everyone knows someone in the NHS and they all need protecting. This includes our niece Karina, who works in a London hospital ICU unit. She has inspired us to keep up the production until sufficient supplies reach them.

“Thanks to the generous donations from our suppliers, and an army of volunteers, we have been able to produce thousands of these masks. We know that they in part will provide vital protection.

“We would like to continue to make more, we have the machines and we have the man-power - we just need to be able to buy more acetate and foam.”

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“Beating this virus will only be possible if we work together as a community. Everyone can do their bit. I would like to offer my huge thanks to John, Faye and Matt - and their volunteers. These masks are invaluable.

“Given the critical role social care workers are playing, it is absolutely essential that they are fully protected.

“Social workers provide a lifeline for so many of our vulnerable residents - enabling many people to stay independent in their own homes. It is imperative that they stay healthy.

“I hope that many people will donate to help Data Reprographics continue with their good work and enable them to help even more people.”

To donate, go to:

– from a Richmond Council press release - 14 April 2020