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Refugees at Home matches generous people with spare rooms to asylum-seekers and refugees who desperately need somewhere to live, for a limited period, while they either sort out their asylum claim or their lives after getting refugee status.

We host all over the UK but always need hosts in and around London. Our guests are carefully vetted, usually referred by charities such as the Red Cross, the Refugee Council, CrisisUK and Glassdoor, and are adults without serious mental health problems or a history of any addiction. They come from about 70 countries with Syria, Iran and Afghanistan Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia featuring strongly.

Hosting is an easy way to really help someone in need at a time of great importance in their lives. It’s also very rewarding for the hosts, who meet people they wouldn’t otherwise come across, learn about countries and circumstances wholly different from their own and sometimes get to try some amazing cooking.

If you would like to learn more about hosting - or apply to host - please visit If you want to talk about with someone who has hosted a lot (21 guests at last count) please call Sara on 0777 564 4134