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The Mayor has sent a special video message to children across the borough who are going to school every day - inviting them to send in drawings.

Schools across the borough are open to vulnerable children and children of key workers who are providing vital support and services to help during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Cllr Nancy Baldwin, has sent the children a special message of reassurance, encouraging them to “be good” and talk to your teachers if they are worried or scared. She has also encouraged the children to try something different or new - inviting classes to share some of their artwork or pictures they are doing whilst they are in school.

Cllr Nancy Baldwin, Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, said:

“I imagine for many children this must be a pretty scary time. Everything is so different for all of us. And, for many of those children attending schools, their mums, dads and carers are going off to work each morning on the front line - in our hospitals, essential businesses or other public service. We owe them a big debt.

“I would also like to thank our teaching staff who are still in schools. They are doing a fantastic job, continuing the education of those who are coming in each day, and using new technologies to ensure that those children at home can still continue their learning.”

Watch Cllr Baldwin's video

– from a Richmond Council press release - 25 March 2020