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South Western Railway passengers face four more days of strikes after the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) has voted to strike in March. The upcoming strikes follows a stretch of 27 days of strikes in December and is the sixth time in the past two and a half years that the union has voted for industrial action. The strike will last from 10:00 on 9 March and 09:59 on 10 March and then again between 10:00 on 12 March and 09:59 on 13 March.

The strikes come after negotiations between SWR and RMT on the role of guards operating train doors have failed to come to a resolution.

Munira Wilson, MP for Twickenham, said:

“It is outrageous that SWR passengers will have to suffer through an additional four days of strike misery after what they were forced through in December.

“I met with RMT just after my election to Parliament and last week met with SWR. I implored both of them to come back to the negotiating table and find a way to end passengers’ seemingly endless grief.

“It is unacceptable that passengers must endure further strikes on top of the regularly appalling service they face.

“I am calling on RMT to come back to the negotiating table and for SWR to lay out now what plans they have for compensation for passengers during the strikes.

“Boris Johnson’s government needs to intervene on behalf of passengers. If RMT and SWR cannot come to an agreement and service continues to decline, the Government needs to terminate SWR’s franchise and bring commuter routes into TFL’s remit.”

– from a press release - 26 February 2020