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Interested in seeing an unconventional art exhibition? Head over to Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham to explore ‘A Unique Vision: Outsider and Self-Taught Art’ this autumn.

The exhibition has been curated by Richmond-based art dealer and collector Henry Boxer. Outsider art is produced by people who have not trained as artists or worked within mainstream art production.

Acclaimed outsider and visionary artists with work on display include the Edwardian portrayer of mad cats, Louis Wain; the spiritual drawings of Madge Gill; and the visionary artist who painted resurrections, Donald Pass.

Artists exhibiting for the first time include Matthew Nightingale, an ex-prisoner, who recently won the Koestler Award; William A Hall, who lived homeless in Los Angeles drawing futuristic cars; and Kim Noble, whose Dissociative Identity Disorder results in 13 artists each with their own distinctive style.

Cllr John Coombs, Lead Member for Libraries and Culture, said:

“Outsider art is unusual and unique, so this is a great opportunity to try something different as we look toward the New Year. The exhibition runs until the middle of February and is free to visit.”

Henry Boxer said:

“This year has been an important one for outsider art - with ground-breaking exhibitions at the Wellcome, William Morris Gallery and College of Psychic Studies - all of which I had loaned works to.

“I am therefore delighted to be invited to show at Orleans House Gallery once again, I hope that the art on display allows for an opening, and a discovery, of who we all truly are, beyond words, ideas and appearances.”

– from a Richmond Council press release - 4 November 2019