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Roads in Richmond upon Thames are set to be safer for all road users as the phased roll-out of a borough-wide 20mph continues, with drivers reminded that as signage is unveiled, the limit is enforced.

Following a consultation last year, which had 10,000 responses, it was agreed a 20mph limit would be implemented across the borough, excluding TfL red routes, as well as parts of the A305, A308 and A310.

To make the implementation of the scheme as simple as possible, the borough has been split into 25 areas, which follow natural boundaries e.g. river / railway etc. Since August signage has been rolled out in each area. To see each area view the schedule map. Completed areas are:

  • T1: Hampton area
  • T2: Hampton area
  • R1 - R5: Kew
  • T3: Teddington and Hampton Wick

When signage is installed it is initially covered. However, when the area is complete, the covers are removed and the 20mph limit formally goes live in that area, and is therefore enforced.

In certain key locations e.g. near schools, there will also be road markings.

Officers are working hard to remove any remnants of previous 30mph speed limit signage in each area. However, if you notice signs that you believe conflict with the new 20mph signage, please report these locations to:

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of Richmond Council’s Transport and Air Quality Committee, said;

“Officers are working hard to install the new signage as effectively as possible in each area. Drivers are reminded that when the covers for signs are removed, the 20mph is live and therefore subject to enforcement. If you see signage for 20mph, please do drive with this speed limit in mind.

While the council are working to minimise any teething problems, if residents notice an odd rogue 30mph sign still in place, please report it as soon as possible so we can arrange for its removal.

We will update residents on the completion of each phase via our web pages and social media. Please do check road signage and the schedule online.”

For more information, go to:

– from a Richmond Council press release - 2 October 2019