Image - aldous-stillness

The Artist Bob Aldous is having his third solo Exhibition at One Paved Court in Richmond. The show is titled “Stillness” and draw on the theme of the movement of water captured into a painted image.

Bob Aldous’s Paintings are usually executed on silk using a delicate layering of watercolour, acrylic and ink. They are like visual meditations that relate to the interplay between movement and rest.

The painting are abstract and not drawn from direct observation, but are worked on in Bob’s studio which is based in Kew, near Kew Gardens. They relate to the artist’s emotion and memory: a memory that is shared through a visual poetic dialogue with the viewer.

Bob Aldous has exhibited widely and represented in galleries in Surrey, Hampshire, London and Cornwall. He has gained a reputation amongst interior designers, art consultants and collectors for his work that portray a deep sense of calm and beauty. This has lead to Commissions for five star Hotels such as the Langham and the Hyatt Carlton and being selected for the corporate collection at the London headquarters of the Ashurst Law firm.

Accompanying the exhibition will be talks on Saturday afternoons.

The first talk on 30th November is with the renowned poet Myra Schneider on the relationship between poetry and painting. There has been a creative dialogue between the artist and the poet for many years. There will be readings of poems that relate to specific paintings in the exhibition.

On Saturday 7th December the artist will give a talk on the theme of the exhibition “Stillness’’ and the relationship between movement and stillness is realised through the act of painting.

The Exhibition runs from the 26th November to 15t December with the gallery open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to 5 pm.